Sunday, June 8, 2014


It's really hard for me to believe that it's been 25 years since I took that first train down into the heart of Mexico as a student.  I've been back there to work once (in 1995) and have gone there, literally, countless times since I started Sueños Latin American Imports back in 1999.  It's a second home, but is still a place of mystery and adventure to me.  Following is the entry I wrote exactly 25 years ago today, by hand, in pencil, in the pages of a blank journal.  I hope you enjoy following along with me.

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua                                                                                 June 8, 1989

     Well, I finally made it!  I'm sitting quite patiently at the Ciudad Juárez train station.  So far the trip has been nothing less than eventful.  I travelled out to El Paso with 4 people in a cramped Datsun but I can't complain; it was cheaper than the bus or plane.  Upon arriving in El Paso we took a rickety bus to nowhere - actually somewhere, but I don't quite know.  It took us across the border all right, but it didn't stop at immigration.  Wandering aimlessly in the foreign city, we finally got to the place "to get our tourist cards stamped."  There was a little hassle but we got through it fine.  We proceeded by taxi to the train station to wait and wait and wait.  Although the train is late and we are all a bit wearied, it has given me many chances like these to reflect upon things.  I have to admit, it hasn't hit me yet.  Overall, I feel very content and happy with my decision to come here in this manner.  Sometimes apprehension is present but that is quickly replaced with excitement and happy thoughts of anticipation.  So goes my first day of my first adventure in a foreign land.


  1. do you remember how HOT that train was, the windows that wouldn't go down, the fire off in the distance at night that made it look as we were traveling just to the west of hell? and yes, the experiences of that summer that were the foundation for the lifetime to come. happy 25th anniversary! I'm glad you kept count!

  2. Yes, the train was insufferably hot and the windows were fused shut, because, "bad things come in on the air." Those fires were like something out of the Apocalypse. Happy 25th anniversary to you, too. I'm thinking of continuing my transcription here.